Onkio Haus Reverb Plug-in faithfully reproduces Studio No. 1 and Studio No. 2 acoustics using VSVerb technology.

ONKIO Acoustics

The VSVerbⓇ technology faithfully reproduces its acoustics as described by many artists in the documentary film "Onkio Haus Melody-Go-Round" released in the fall of 2020. We deliver the "sound and resonance" of the Onkio Haus studio. Compatible with AAX, VST, and AU platforms so that it can be widely offered and utilized by DTM users who aspire to music. We hope ONKIO Acoustics will be of service to all music lovers.

ONKIO Acoustics ONKIO Acoustics ONKIO Acoustics ONKIO Acoustics

"The Sound of Onkio Haus in a Plug-in!
ONKIO Acoustics - Developer's Comment & Akira Inoue Review"


【 A studio in Japan with half a century of history 】

The Onkio Haus history began in 1974, when our recording studio opened here in the Ginza district of Tokyo. In the years since then, we have been involved in the birth of new music and visuals for every era.
Here at this studio, Ryuichi Sakamoto recorded the main theme to the legendary 1983 film Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, a composition that remains in the hearts of people worldwide. An astounding number of city pop songs have also been recorded here.
Based on the music recording and image editing track record built over half a century, we are proud to provide the ultimate production environment for global content creation.

【 Tokyo's Ginza district is easily accessible 】

Access is smooth from Narita and Tokyo Haneda international airports. It's just a five-minute taxi ride from Tokyo Station, the gateway to the city. And it is conveniently located within walking distance from Ginza's downtown district.

ONKIO HAUS Mic Collection

【 A half-century of experience and carefully selected equipment 】

Our recording studio has a distinctive history in Japan. We provide a full array of equipment assembled over our many years of recording, including Neumann and AKG microphones, all kept in premium condition through daily maintenance by our experienced technicians. Together with the latest ProTools recording system, we continue to provide top-quality analog multi-track recording. This equipment has been used in recordings by many legendary artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto.

【 Impeccable room acoustics 】

The acoustic design of the recording floor and control room produce the ideal resonance for recording music along with the most accurate monitoring environment. Paired with our half-century of history, this creates room acoustics that are truly one of a kind.

Steinway concert grand piano

【 Steinway concert grand pianos in premium condition 】

Onkio Haus's Hamburg-made Steinway grand pianos have been played on countless recordings by a number of pianists. The love that has been poured into this piano has been carefully preserved. We make great effort to keep it maintained in the best possible condition for our customers to use.

【 Dolby Atmos/Sony 360 Reality Audio support in Studio No. 7 】

We built a mastering room annexed to our recording studio in 1986. It has been used for a number of projects involving CD mastering as well as 5.1 surround mastering and high-resolution audio. In 2022, our Studio No. 7 was revamped to handle spatial audio such as Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. This marks our full-fledged entry into this new realm of music.


【 Postproduction with dependable technology and quality 】

We set up video postproduction capabilities in 1979. The studio is currently involved in video production projects in a wide range of genres, focusing on TV commercials and extending to live music video, online content, and TV programs. Linked with the recording studio, we can offer optimized workflow solutions according to your needs. Equipment ranges from 4K UHD TV editing (HDR) to mixing in 7.1 channel surround. We provide the world a creative space to produce premium-quality works.

Information & News

Studio No.7 OPEN !!

MASTERING ROOM renewal open

Thank you for your patience.
We are pleased to announce that our MASTERING ROOM has reopened as "Studio No.7" on March 1, and in addition to conventional mastering work, we now offer Dolby Atmos music mixing work with up to 7.1.4 channels. Through "No.7 Studio," we aim for further development to contribute to the spread of Spatial Audio, including Dolby Atmos.

Studio No.7
Studio No.7
Studio No.7