Trading nameOnkio Haus Inc.
Operating address1-23-8 Chuou-ku Ginza, Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
Inquiry Tel+81(0)3-3564-4181
Post-production inquiry Tel+81(0)3-3567-4161
Capital Funds60,000,000 YEN
(Approximately $483,870 *$1=124JPY by foreign exchange rate 2015.03)
Employees75 persons
08/1973Established for the purpose of trade as a rental recording studio etc
12/1974Began studio work with the completion of the Heibon Trading Co., Ltd. Onkio building
12/1976Installed the VTR editing research room
10/1979Commenced postproduction work in annexed picture room, as well as moved and increased equipment there.
12/1986Installed a CD mastering room
04/1999Started video production work and established a production planning room.
04/2000Began DVD authoring work
04/2003Set up INHAUS RECORDS and began music production work
05/2009Started Blu-ray authoring
12/2012Added the 5th editing room
08/2013Welcomed the 40th year anniversary since establishment
President and CEOMoriyasu Takane
Managing DirectorToshimi Ozaki
DirectorHidetoshi Kamimoto

General Manager

Sales and Marketing of Studio Business Division

External Director
Chairman, Representative Director of Magazine house, Ltd.
Tsutomu Ishizaki
President of Heibon Trading Co., Ltd.
Akio Suzuki
Corporate officer Motoki Tanaka

General Manager

IFE Content Production

Seiichi Yoritomi

General Manager

Management Department

Group CompanyMagazine house, Ltd.
Heibon Trading Co., Ltd.